Grandparents Visitation

When can Grandparents seek Visitation of their Grandchildren?

Unlike many other states, Tennessee has established that, in some cases, Grandparents may have a legal right to visit with their grandchildren. 

In Tennessee, a grandparent can ask a court to award visitation rights if:

In many of these cases, one or both parents oppose the visitation by the grandparents and the parties require the assistance of one or more attorneys to help settle and/or mediate their disagreement.

Cases involving grandparents’ rights can be complex, unique, and very fact-specific, however, with the help of the right attorney, both grandparents and parents can work together to come to an amicable solution in the best interests of the children.  In these cases, hiring the appropriate attorney – especially one with experience in family law and trained in family law mediation – is especially important.  For more information or to schedule a consult, call or text Jennifer at (865) 404-8226.